Sunday, June 17, 2007

A lite lunch ;)

Tre Funghi Cream "Lumaconi" Pasta

For a late lunch (people don't eat dinner until after 9pm) I made a pasta using 3 mushrooms and a splash of cream. Dusted with breadcrumbs instead of Parmesan. Simple and to the point.

I soaked dried Porcini's in boiling water and reserved the "broth" for the reduction. I sauteed the Mushrooms in Garlic and Olive Oil until golden crusted and tender (draining any excessive water released). I raised the temperature, added Shallots and reduced a touch of Vino Blanco. Once the alcohol was reduced I added the Porcini broth and the additional soaked Porcini's back into the pan. 10 minutes later I added a splash of cream and the pasta (along with a ladle full of the pasta water). I let the dish continue to cook for an additional 5 minutes for all the flavors and textures to mesh and for the desired texture of the Lumaconi. The best part of the dish was that the Mushrooms found their way into the snail shell shaped pasta, creating a mushroom cream burst with each bite.


Margaret said...

mmmmmmm yummy!
Wish I could taste!

Josh said...

damn, that looks good. When you get back to the states and open that restaurant, I'll be one of your first customers!