Friday, November 23, 2007

Pre Thnx

The day before welcoming folks to the big feast, we began to cook the periphery foods. Here I am making a traditional Chicken Liver Pate. As there is a vegetarian (whom I love) among us, I made a Mushroom alternative; an exercise worth noting. The idea was to utilize the same process and ingredients in real time. Feel free to replace the chicken livers for Mushrooms if it suits your palette.

Wash fresh chicken livers with cold water. Pat dry and sauté on a high heat alongside thinly sliced Onions, fresh Sage and Rosemary. The goal is to caramelize the livers and brown the onions. Here you have an option to crack in one egg. The French wouldn’t. This gives it a rustic Tuscan quality.

Keep the heat high and add in Marsala (not the cooking supermarket branded ish, it needs to be D.O.P Marsala, Sicily. Reduce on high heat until the alcohol has evaporated. It should perfume of sweetened earth.

Blend the mixture until desired consistency. In a separate bowk, fold in freshly whipped heavy cream. Think about the wrist action of making a frosting or a chocolate mousse. So fold until the whiteness has disappeared and it resembles “milk chocolate”. Finito!

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