Friday, November 9, 2007

Tonno di Miaile

This damn dish has had me brainstorm 15 different approaches to its preparation. Despite the fact that I think I know its secret; its simplicity, texture and confidence remains my culinary highlight of Florence thus far.

Tender “meat”, lightly caramelized (possibly cinnamon) served with perfectly moist, freshly soaked Fagiole (white beans) and drenched in bursting yellow Olive Oil crudo.

I have been told that this is a traditional Tuscan household technique of storing Pork (similar to curing, smoking, bottling etc), but this has not been substantiated by shop-owners, chefs or online inquiries. Thus, I refuse to believe its Pork! So I ask…

Tuna in the style of Pork? Pork in the style of Tuna?

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Margaret said...

So, this one's gonna take a little more work to figure out when you get back to NY - it'll be a fun experimentation process right?!?!?