Monday, July 21, 2008

Pizza, again!

As you probably know, like many New Yorkers, I am fixated by Pizza. Click here, here, here, here, here and here if you don’t believe me and remember this blog doesn’t account for 28 years of daily intake. So…

Last week I ventured to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx to sample a different borough’s Italian offerings. I wandered the market, sampled Mozzarella, sipped espresso and then landed at Pizzeria Zero Otto Nove.

Although my meal was authentically Napolitano and the Pizza Margarita was excellent, the excursion itself felt frivolous.

Sometimes, your local Pizza joint simply hits the spot! For the second time that same day (not recommended ;), I ate Pizza; this time in my trusty neighborhood at Luigi’s. Our first slice was fresh Mozzarella with Basil oil, which was bright and flavorful! A regular New Yaawk slice followed, familiarly oily orange, cheesy and succulent.

Fact is, as much as I feel adventurous and authenticated by traveling by train and bus to “The Real Little Italy”…there is nothing like home.

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