Friday, August 3, 2007

Pizza numero due...

Once a week we blast the outdoor forno for Pizza day. This is Campania after all, indisputably the home of the world’s best Pizza. As a Brooklyn boy I wish I could challenge this definitive claim, but it’s real! It’s all been said before…a perfect char which erupts crunch with the slightest touch, untouched crushed canned tomatoes, a perfect mixture of Fiore De Latte e Mozzarella di Bufala which oozes proudly, the controlled drizzle of local Olive Oil and the seductive perfume of a single Basil leaf. We freak it other ways too. Scarola (Escarole) con pine nuts, garlic and black olives, Bianca (white) con Pancetta, Vedura (Eggplant, Melanzana e Zucchini), Provola e Fiorili di Zucchini and of course Margherita (described above).

But it’s really all about Guiseppe! I’ve always said, “shine at whatever it is you do”. Dude radiates pizza perfection. He’s a charmer; speaks with his hands, is playful with the bambini (the kids), remains focused under pressure, can stand the heat (literally) and makes damn good pizza.

Grazie amico!

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trudy said...

i'm totally drooling. why do you do this to us.. oh why?!?! "we freak it out other ways".. nice..