Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Forrest City

Memorial Day brought me back to Cleveland Ohio, my mother’s hometown and a place I have visited annually throughout my life. I returned with new eyes, anxious to taste and admire the City in a way I had not before. In order to best understand the local agriculture, my uncle and I headed out early to the North Union Farmer’s market; a destination that would both inform our family BBQ and connect me to likeminded folks. The friendly farmers were proud of their crops and thankful for my passionate inquisition. Get acquainted!

After the Farmer's market we headed to The West Side Market to indulge in local favorites and the many ethnic cuisines which call Cleveland home. Here are the highlights...

Vanilla Bean Lemonade

Pizza Bagels

Hungarian Bratwurst Sausage

The family BBQ consisted of a salad of Black Walnuts, local Blue Cheese and Greens from the market, grilled Chicken, a controversially large Burger stacked high with Smoked Bacon and sautéed Lion's Mane Mushrooms, grilled Zucchini and roasted Red Peppers.

The mushrooms were pillowy and soft and lacked any noticeable stem. Once sautéed they took on an almost seafood like consistency similar to a scallop. When in doubt, go glimmering golden brown!

A trip to Cleveland isn’t complete without a proper diner experience. Enter Corky & Lenny’s, a bustling haven for Jewish comfort food. Although a breakfast occasion, I couldn’t resist a cup of Matzo Ball Soup and a Corned Beef Sandwich on rye.

Thanks to my beautiful extended family for the hospitality, advice and good eats!


Margaret said...

That's a lot of food finds for just one short weekend! And lots of delicious eating and full tummies came out of it...

can you mix up some of that vanilla bean lemonade for me some day?

CyndieO said...

And thanks to you, Michael, for turning our ho-hum family weekend into a food extravaganza. I will never be able to pour a bottle of Wishbone over some chicken breasts and call it a barbeque, or eat a burger weighing less than a pound without thinking, lovingly, of you.

Anonymous said...


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