Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Herb Bouquet

I have never been great at giving gifts. The tangible too often falls short in translation. I often wish I could hand someone a sunset I once viewed so that the memory could encompass the gradients of their life. I can rarely afford Cashmere or Apple products nor do I really know jewelry. Giving CD’s always felt like work and I have yet to become the crafty man I imagine I will soon be from all the Homes & Gardens and Wallpaper’s which have indulged my spare time. My default is usually food; a home cooked meal or a dinner out that doesn’t make others in attendance wince too hard at the always too expensive collective bill.

A few months back I began a strange ritual of bagging sliced fruit and herbs to go to dinner parties and events. The idea was simple, play bartender from the sidelines. For no additional cost I can prance around the room and perfume everyone’s cocktail. A sprig of Rosemary, Grapefruit segments, torn Basil leaves etc. With such little effort Life is sweet and fragrant!

So here I was, yet again with no gift, nor a clue as I inched towards my friends Birthday. I had recalled giving her a simple bouquet of flowers a few years back that she claimed lasted a whole month. I didn’t want to repeat that gift; I wanted to transcend it. The herb bouquet was born. More perishable yes, but with equal love!

I gathered Mint, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Dill, multicolored Swish Chard, Rhubarb and a vibrant Rose for good measure and set off to the Park Florist, my trusted flower haven. The result was the edible house party center piece you see above.

…and in the morning, it was back to nature! Best not to ask...


ms. swifty said...

great idea which i'll probably steal.

Estelle said...

Glad to hear you are back in the game. Thanks for the shout out! Basket came out beautifully...miss you lovely. xo

Tessa said...

hey michael, congratulations! everything looks great!!! i had so much fun with our rainy day lunch. finally moved! come and visit! looking forward to checking out more yumminess here. thanks for the link!!! and love the random nature-ninja shot!

Suri said...

that rose was huge, or maybe it was 5 in the am??