Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Buffalo 4 ways

Once again the kitchens traditional home-style southern Italian format was altered, in this case to accommodate a luncheon for the province of Campania’s Agriculture Association. To be clear, this is Wall Street for Southern Italy ;).

For the occasion we showcased the Buffalo meat in a myriad of ways. Being that we traditionally braise, grill, stew and cure the meat, it was refreshing to see our approach simplified. We served additional Antipasti’s and Primi’s, but the highlight were the 4 ways we served the meat. For the Antipasti we served a triage of Buffalo which included Tagliate E. Carne Crudo (Tartare made with just Olive Oil, Salt & Pepper), Assola di Buffalo (a tender thinly slice cured meat) and Soppressata (Spiced with peppercorns cured meat).

For the secondi the meat was grilled much like a filet mignon and smothered in gravy. We almost never serve Buffalo rare, but in this instance we were using the most prestigious cut (inner thigh). The meat was tender, with a subtle sweetness and perfect char.

After the meal, Ettore and Cecilia were kind enough (and perhaps politically savvy enough) to introduce me as the chef to the constituents. They applauded. I smiled nervously and proudly, said "prego" and began to prepare the Dolci.

My vegetarians peoples, I got you on the next post...

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Margaret said...

Damn that's an honor - to be introduced as the chef. The food looks amazing. Bravo!