Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Cimoli is the beautiful stem/stalk of zucchini. Just when you thought this creature couldn’t get more beautiful, these swirly psychedelic things entered my life. Unfortunately my fascination ends with their aesthetic purpose. First, preparing them is tedious. You have to strip them of a floss-like stringy outer shell (similar to that of Celery). This effort would of course be worth it if they had their own intrinsic flavor and/or texture. Unfortunately they do nothing to update Zucchini as I later found out. Secondly once boiled into the Soup, they lose all of their personality; like any green (Spinach, Parsley, Broccoli etc) they amalgamate to no more than spongy stewed shrubs.

We made a soup of Cimoli and Zucchini. Beginning with Pancetta (of course), the Cimoli was then added alongside diced Zucchini, chopped flowers and Potato. 1 hour later it was ready and looked like this.

Tasty, but no better or worse than the same soup I made last week sans the Cimoli.

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