Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alle Due Corti : Cheese revisited

I have been meaning to return to Alle Due Corti since arriving in Lecce but had been waiting for the right moment. It had to either be an occasion or a night after street meat (one or the other, feel me?). While the millions descended elsewhere for cotton candy, I quietly made a reservation for 11pm on Friday night, just me “solo, grazie”. The whole family knows me; “Buono Sera’s” were now the less formal “salve’s”. They were flattered by my return…

The real reason for my return tho’ was their cheese plate accompanied by their signature homemade jams. But what came was pungently refreshing and dizzyingly different. When I noticed that they had homemade Rosoli, they brought me a tasting flight; the perks of returning and paying homage to their cucina. Below is what went down…

The cheeses: Scarmoza affumicata (smoked), Mozzarella, Ricotta, Pecorino morbida and aged Pecorino

A selection of 4 Rosoli’s (dessert liquor) consisting of Figindia, Nociro e Albicocca (Apricot), Orange Rind and Bitter Orange.

And then there was the Marmellate’s!!! Orange and Onion, Confettura di Sedano (Fennel) and Peperoncino (Chilli)! With each bite I smirked at the staff; my smile turning into a fixed grand emotion. I charged their cabinet to be sure these were not my last bites. For the first time since being in Italy, I made a purchase; one I would likely regret as my luggage took on new weight. I couldn’t resist. To be clear Alle Due Corti has an online shop. Check em:

After a family photo ;) I stumbled back onto the bustling streets past the Italian tourists, street meats and bright lights and stared familiarly at the Church of Santa Croce; a sight that each night informs my dreams. Its absurdity is stunningly original; a visual gateway to Lecce’s charm.

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