Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vedura day!

I remember the rush that a shipment of new CD's gave me when devoting my life to a record label/distribution company. Before the marketing plan was to be implemented there was the studio time, engineers, timelines, photo shoots, art direction, publishing credits, manufacturing, conference calls and P&L spreadsheets. The physical CD's signified a chance to show the world it was all worth it; to continue the narrative. 3 times a week a similar feeling rushes through me when we the Vegetables arrive to the kitchen. The love we give them is an extension of a similar lineage, albeit more localized and with a quicker turn around. Um, and its food and I’m in Italy. Today we received the following…


Basilico e Celery

Pepperoni Verdi

As well as Melanzana and mixed peppers...

The Vegetables’ physicality and perfumes are omnipresent throughout the kitchen. Their colors breathe new life into our mis en scene. New menus are thought out while culinary chores are ordained. Our goal is to preserve the ingredients until the next batch comes in, savoring their charm until our next "Verdura day".


Jessa said...

It's real isn't it boo?
Ahh...where it all begins...and ends.
Embracing each

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