Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dumb it down!

Italy is not all refined cuisine, tailored blazers and vineyards. The world becomes so small when the big fair comes into town!

Cheap toys, sausages, fake jewels, infomercial products, dangerous rides for kids and Candy being scoffed by overly tanned eager youth, obese adults, questionable tourists and out of control kids. The main difference was the abundance of Olives and the vast selection of nuts. The rest was on some Atlantic Antic ish.

The whole city of Lecce has been transformed to accompany the “fiesta”. Giant gaudy lights paint the town for the marching bands, religious ornate rituals and other “cultural” activities.

Still, this was a chance for me to eat cheaply. And so folks, I ate the giant slow roasted pig; a sandwich actually (Panini) with Vedura mista (pickled vegetables) and Mayonnaise accompanied by a beer. It was greasy fun!

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Suri said...

and came across this post...

parole negativo. perché?
(altavista. don't hate.)

it would seem to me
that the
technicolor circus of plastic toys,
ugly people, & provencial fun,
the side show of normaility,
would have comforted you.
However, when with out Geek Love
it is truly hard to enjoy
complicated, or perhaps simple, beauty.

i got you, don't ever forget that.

These are some of the most beautiful photos that you have posted.

i would have loved to have greasy fun with you & ride rickity roatating rides-- coney Island, no???