Sunday, August 26, 2007

Damn my mixtape…

…for being so personal and relevant (lyrics & music) 2 years post its compilation and distribution. Below are my lyrical highlights as they pertain to my life and the decisions I have made. When people ask me what I mean by "music informed my love of food", this is the best example.

If you don’t have it, ask somebody!

#1 “Music is love and love is you”, "This music is mine and I'm giving it all to you”
#2 “Don’t you be alarmed, cause' in time I'm gonna show you what I mean”.
#3 “See that you travel for me, ain’t nothing but travel to me”, “I got an inner voice protecting me”, “I got a voice in my head that says your coming around”
#4 “All to do is keep pushing on”.
#5 “If you can’t keep your eyes, keep your mind on me. Keep your mind on free”, “Fantastic, romantic, dynamic, magnetic…”
#6 “I love you and all of that, but what’s up with the intimacy?"
#7 “would you wish me well if I turned and walked away”
#8 “It sounds like a 50’s record, but that’s alright with me”, “the best part of me I gave you and it was sacrifice”,
#9 “Said nobody’s an ocean, it's as far as your eyes can see”
#10 Jazz interlude
#11 “Gotta keep it moving”, “haste makes waste, these are the breaks”
#12 “I dance to remember how to fly”, “dreams help me to remember where I have been”
#13 “just lie low”
#14 “Take it easy that’s m philosophy, keep your eyes wide open and one day you will see”
#15 “I love you for a reason”, “I need you”,
#16 “I love the way you love me”, "It’s unbelievable, unexplainable, undeniable, be surprised to know that…”
#17 “what do we do now, the potential in me is more than you see”. “this conclusion is my solution to what could be my delusion. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter the stakes”
#18 “There are things that make me smile everyday”. "I don’t want to have to think about the ways we’ll be bad, I don’t want to have to think about the days that we’ll be sad…do I?”


Suri said...

weeping. and nobody knows it.
you have know idea how much.. too much..i gotta go.
i love you.

Margaret said...

Fortunately your music travels with you wherever you go - and it stays behind with us here as well, so we can always turn it up if we're missing you...

Suri said...

i thought i didn't post on's up.
on the train going upstate,
i feel asleep to it
the decibels too high for quite,
the loudness the perfect sound for rest.
it was not too early
it was just on time.