Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Alle due Corti

My meal at the family run Alle due Corti ( was a perfect example of smart and frugal food tourism. A half carafe of a local house Vino Bianca, A simple antipasti of local Salumi, Pecorino cheese and an assortment of Olives followed by a rich Puglia specific primo!

Marinella, the daughter of the head chef, talked to me at length about her families’ culinary traditions and homemade marmalades and welcomed me as a guest into their “home”.

The pic above does not do justice to the myriad of pronounced flavors inherit in this very local concoction called "La Taieddha". Mussels on the half shell are baked with sliced potatoes, some tomato for color and a rustic, salty pecorino dust (positioned like breadcrumbs on a Parmesan). It is then baked on high heat. There was an overwhelming smoked perfume which was the result of how the salt from the sea danced with the aged cheese. This felt like a dish for food lovers on a budget. Me, essatamente! Cue Chaney…

Grazie & piachere Marinella*

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Margaret said...

I've never heard of mussels like this - hope you'll cook this one for us when you get back to the BK!