Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Siena, Padova, Verona, Lucca, Venice, Modena…the North of Italy is ripe with progressive cities each with their own typical dishes, histories and distinguished personalities. Although I have seen my fair share of Italy, the bulk of my travels placed me in less touristy Southern cities. The arrival of Chaney meant a short trip was in order, just North of Florence. So here we are folks…Bologna.

Bologna is a noticeably slow paced melting pot of Intellectualism, Old City Red Brick charm, Contemporary Art, Political activism, Queer Theory and a style of cooking all its own.

As always here is the visual snapshot to the city streets which provide the soundtrack to my culinary adventures.

The residential streets are shielded by beautiful arches. Apartments rest atop the pedestrian streets below.

The leaning towers give distinctive charm to the University hub of the City Center
The fountain of Neptune stands proudly erect in a city with signifactly less public sculpture than Florence.

Chaney uses the advancement of modern technology to get “ups” in Piazza del Otto Agosto

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