Monday, October 29, 2007

Drunken Paradise

There are days where Wine indulgence takes over. A gloomy picturesque Florentine afternoon on a veranda turned into a zigzagged outing through the city streets. Destination, “Da Vino”. A Wine shop like no other I have ever seen…Italy and beyond.

“Da Vino” is a table wine emporium where tubular circuitry connects barrels to a portal which fills up used bottles, bags, boxes (anything goes folks). Deal is, you bring your used bottles and fill them with Deep Tuscan Reds, just pressed Olive Oil, Vin Santo, Crisp Southern Whites etc. Average cost is €3 per bottle.

The Brooklyn dinner party debauchery is unfathomable.

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ms. swifty said...

ohhhhh, that's so FRESH. keep it steady, Steady!