Friday, October 5, 2007

The perfect Street / The perfect Enoteca

The Perfect Street

The Perfect Enoteca

The discovery of a perfect street in a big city is an urban exercise. Like the best love affair it must have subtle imperfections, a curiosity, evoke solace and have intrinsic charm. Meet Via Bianchi Vecchia a street in Rome, my close amica Suri and I share with equal remembrance; a curvy, thinly dangerous side-street scattered conservatively with contemporary Art Galleries, Enoteca’s, Mom & Pop Boutiques, high-end Restaurants, and Bookshops milliseconds from the ripe Tourism of Centro Storico. Amongst the many findings, there was the perfect Enoteca, “Olio Vino”. Dark paneled with an unpretentious air of sincere sophistication, it is exactly what one conjures up when fantasizing about Wine and Cheese in bella Italia. Before discovering its Slow Food affiliation or obvious reputation with locals, we had already established it as a destination.

This is a rare example where I have not notated either the wines or cheeses which blessed us that early evening, only the feeling and photos which accompany it.

We ordered our wine, one crisp and buttery White and one deep verbose Tuscan Red from a chalkboard.

After our first swirls and sips our €10 cheese plate followed; paired by the server for our two distinctly different wine choices.

Backtrack, Dude paired our cheeses! As we look around everyone’s cheese plate was stunningly personalized and different from the next. Use your own imagination and verbiage to deconstruct the platter you see above. I can still taste and feel the textures of each as it replays in my mind.

Ok, maybe the couple reading the Paper were a lil’ pretentious.

If ever in Rome, go!

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