Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where I am really at

Now negate the world travelers, designer knit sweaters, endless wine metaphors and 5 star bed & breakfasts and imagine real life in any working class farm country. You have arrived at where I am really at. Pane & Vino, the Restaurant and Azienda I call home for the month of October deep in the hills of central Tuscany. Below is a snapshot of the chaos that is the kitchen. To my Vegetarians, this one isn’t for you. The food has radically altered from the veggie friendliness of the South. I am officially in the food capitol of Italia where Rabbit, Wild Boar, Leper, Chicken liver, Veal and Duck are the meats of choice. Stewed, braised, grilled, cured, raw, diced, ground and whole, it feels like a never ending lesson in meats diversity. The ripe colors of endless Zucchini, Peppers and Eggplant that prompted my journey have been replaced by the earthiness of Truffles, Porcini, Spinach and Fagioli beans. Let's skip any fancy plating and get into it...

The kitchen, bustling for a Sunday lunch

Cognilio / Rabbit

Chicken stewed with Truffles and White Wine

Veal Sausage and Fagioli beans stewed in a Napolitano Tomato Sauce
Veal Stew

Veal Scaloppine in Lemon Sauce

Much more to come...

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Margaret said...

Its really amazing that this turn of events has brought you to this incredible experience - looks like you're going to be learning A LOT - very exciting, can't wait to see whats next.