Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's that time

It’s that time…to move on!

As I say gear up to say goodbye to my quaint…non functioning, cold and far away…Tuscan hideaway (and the incredible view) I would like shout out the memories which made this experience otherwise livable.

To all the Cheese, especially Pecorino (in all its beautiful varieties) and aged Sardinian Parmesan.

If you get the feeling your cheese might be gearing up to go bad…go on, make a quatrro (or more) formaggi sauce! I won’t be mad at you. Serve it with pasta or atop Polenta as we do in our Antipasti Casa.

To Ribolitta, A traditional Tuscan soup of left over Minestrone, re-ignited with stale bread and in our case baked with cheese atop. Its gotten damn cold here in the hills. Thank you Ribolitta…for being you.

To our Antipasta di Casa. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

To the nights spent alone with damn good Wine and little (ok, niente) else to do…

A special mention goes to this cat. Of the 6 cats on the property (not including the bitsy strays), he was not only the friendliest, but also had a way of always matching my outfit.

And to all the meat...

…Its time for me to go! Ciao


Margaret said...

the cat matches your outfit?!?!

Ok so you really do have to get out of back country and back into the real world - but its good to see that your humor and wit are still with you on the journey...

And that despite a not so thrilling few weeks, you still managed to pick up some amazing food skills to keep in your pocket, cook up some delicious looking food, and write up some very funny posts!!!

missing you! -M

aliciamia said...

re: the beautiful cat-

i'm just glad the following images didnt show him skinned in a sink... like Thumper from your previous entree.