Friday, October 5, 2007

Dinner Party : Roma

I was overdue for a dinner party. Balancing purchasing with working, hosting with tourism and pre-preparation with fresh new recipes, my fly apartment meant…Dinner Party. We pulled it together and invited our new friends (Gio & Mauro) around to the house. Here’s how it went down…

An antipasti of bursting Mozzarella misti (Buffala, Fiore di Latte & Burrata), Pecorino aged in Muscat and tangy soft Goat Cheese, Deeply aged spiced Neapolitan Salumi and Olive Tempenade.

Left over Fritatta di Romanesco, sliced for individual servings.

Coperti ;) Sliced and stacked Focaccia alongside a loaf. Both from the local market.

Rosa’s Eggplant parmesan for the Primi; I’m not telling just yet. Pre-prepared two days earlier for such usage.

Amatriciana of Guanciale (Typical Roman plate) spiced and sweetened with Balsamic instead of white wine.

Grazie Amici*


Margaret said...

I really miss your dinner parties - this one looks spectacular - looks like you've picked up lots of new techniques to share with us back in NY...

miss you hugely. -M

Monica said...

DAMN BROTHA MAN!!!!! looks like a deliciously good time. where does all that gorgeous food go?? one of the seven mysteries of the world... what are you listening to these days??