Monday, October 29, 2007

The day Trip

Sometimes a good walking tour is in order! Despite an overt reluctance to participate in group activities which deem me obviously American, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a heavily discounted afternoon of exercise and intrigue. And since I have now been joined by my boy Chaney it would make sense to sacrifice this minor pride on behalf of showing him the beauty of Tuscany. Here are the highlights.

We arrive in Fiesole a short distance from Florence and begin a hike overlooking Chianti vineyards, Olive Groves and the cluttered layered distant personality of Florence.

Chaney and I bicker lovingly, the Brooklyn backdrop replaced by green pastures.

We eat Wild Cherries from the side of the path. Baby Sophie likes them as much as I do.

Wild Berry’s, fresh Capers and Mushrooms dot our path.

Like a child myself, I steeply climb to overlook the mountainous residual marble which ordains the cities pillars; the medium for its opulence.

We arrive at a grand Villa and inevitably envision a life complete with gaudy chandeliers, large mirrors and an art collection of stiff historical figures sucking in their guts. And of course, Chaney poses. Its what you do.

We complete our day with wine and food; a typical, but not extraordinary selection of cured meats, cheese and crostini’s. Kid’s portions of Pasta and Risotto follow ;)

Grazie Eric for a beautiful walk through the hills of Tuscany.


Suri said...


work chaney in the mirror.

Margaret said...

Go on - have a little fun boys!!!