Sunday, September 16, 2007

Afternoon crumbs

An important lesson folks : Don’t waste your day old bread.

Below is a recap from various meals I have both eaten and made in Italy which serve as an overview of different ways you can use breadcrumbs in your cooking.

Traditional Veal Milanese in Milano

Baked Mussels in Lecce

As a Parmesan alternative atop Legane with Ragu in Palermo

As a Parmesan alternative atop a mixed Mushroom pasta in Milano

As a central ingredient in an Alice (Anchovy) Parmesan on the Amalfi Coast

To coat Croquettes of different varieties before frying in Rome.

Dusted on grilled Gamberoni in Lecce

Lightly grilled breaded calamari in a salad in Rome


diego said...

thanks for all of the wonderful information on good old bread crumbs... i guess we shouldn't take them for granted...

Jessa said...

who knew?