Friday, September 21, 2007

Gelato & Graffiti!

Thanks to my girl Djassi, if ever a meal disappoints, I head straight to Via Ostiense for Gelato and colorful Graffiti. I have decided that my personal experience in Rome with Gelato (sans Romance ;) is paired with the expressive ink that soundtracked my Brooklyn upbringing and which seems to unify the world through European (and Japanese) acclimation.

It is painfully difficult to summarize the boldly original menu of this “find”. Here, I am (clearly photoshootin') devouring Pera & Gargonzola (€2)!!!

The other day, I had a triage of Blackberry (Mora), Pistacchio and Figindia (for my Leccian folks)…with crème sopra!


Jessa said...

you stop that!

Margaret said...

Enjoy that gelato baby! you deserve it!!