Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Leaving Lecce

I believe in the rhythm of life; when the bells ring, when shop owners restock, the sound of vespas breezing by, when the town sleeps and when the buzz resides. Because of this I have a reticence towards traveling, or rather being a “traveler”; the metaphorical weight of luggage, scheduling, uncertainty and a room whose only use is for sleep…the glimpse of life versus the living. This is why I went to London for 3 Years instead of the ubiquitous “semester”. I like to blend. I like when folks begin to know me. I spent a month in Puglia in order to transcend the standard fare and the quick once over we tend to give small cities. I wanted to eat in family kitchens, bask in the Adriatic sun, make pasta, try different olive oils, eat Mortadella, fresh Cozze, Pasticciotto and get drunk on Negromaro.

The pictures below are a snapshot of my final days in Puglia, food included. A mixtape of sights and tastes intermingled much like my days. My hope is that this (rather longwinded) recap represents the enormity of possible experience in every region I have chosen to live and study in Italy.

Tripe Zuppa in Alberobello- Not my favorite dish but plentiful and included with an Antipasti Misto. The broth was stunning.

Sugar packet research ;). I was researching marketers reaction to the consolidation of choice of Coffee. In Lecce a company called Quarta Caffe has the market share of all Coffee, forcing local Caffe's to differentiate themselves in other ways.

Pesto from & in a friend(of a friend)’s garden

Panini’s of Mortadella - my local Salumi of choice, sliced paper thin!

Rosati ogni giorno - My favorite wines of the region

Days spent on the beach (below in Ugento)

Digestiv di Aloe

Tortenilli in Brodo - the broth!!!

Ancient Grotte (the marvel of Aqua) - Le grotte di Castellana

Pastry & Pasticciotto - I ate Pasticciotto every morning along with my caffe. It is the most common pastry of the region, often the only thing available in most Bars/Caffe's. It is pasta frolla filled with crema. Their taste transcends their appearance. I'm a little addicted, actually.

Unnecessary photo shoots in Random Blue Light.

Hidden Tombs in Ugento - Crypta del Crocefisso

More Trulli houses, here in Alberobello. Below is also a Trulli Church!!

Oversized panne - By far the largest loafs I have ever seen.

More Juice research ;). I did a sampling; a rather expensive decision. The discourse continues...

Foam - just cause

Fico - freshly picked Figs

Folks fish in the sunset - calma

Pints of beer - Beer is best represented alongside Pizza. Even the most avid Wine Drinkers sucumb to this ritual. Check out my boy Lucifer!

Unnecessary photo shoots #2, here with underpinned Pomegranates

And then there was goodbye’s…

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Margaret said...

oooH - I'm really feeling this one honey - to think there are sooo many moments filling up your days and you are only sharing a small glimpse with us, your devoted fans - to see so many more moments and details - your coffee's, and beach visits, favorite foods, and strange ones... it really helps fill out the picture and be reminded that you are still just a fabulous brooklyn boy traveling through another world of food and adventure with your own unique perspective and flavor.

Missing you and loving you lots. -M