Thursday, September 13, 2007

Porcini’s have arrived!

If you were to conjure up a Mushroom, the Porcini would rise visibly to take the stage. Meaty and earnest, this rather handsome funghi is currently in full rotation in the Kitchens, Markets and Restaurants of Roma.

At the Restaurant I work we serve them upon request, stacked with tender meat or raw with a hint of Lemon and Parmesan. They brown beautifully and have a deep and developed taste of their own. It's the dish the owner suggests most to ospiti. Their time is now.

Today for lunch, I nestled into my new living situation with a simple homage to their intrinsic flavor, Fettuchine with Porcini. I browned them with a sprinkle of salt, a single smashed garlic clove and a conservatively sized dried peperoncino until they were golden and their perfume, ignited. After discarding the tender garlic and its spicy hot pepper friend, the remainder of my white wine (1/2 a glass) sizzled to connect the char back to its originator. A ladleful of salted pasta water, white pepper and a shaving of Parmesean completed the dish.

For more on Porcini’s moment in the spotlight check :

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Molly said...

that mushroom was obscene...! i want one. xo molly