Saturday, September 8, 2007

New mercato, new day

Its Saturday. While the city lures me towards work and a weekend rush, I have enough time to be local and arise to greet sellers at the market. 8:30AM, amidst the fresh fruit and seafood, fish mongers and the pedestrians who traffic it. After a brief romantic stroll, I moved in with enough confidence to entertain my Italian; pointing out Tomatoes and Olives, Brocolli and listening to my hands for what would inspire their work and pleasure. I brought a bag from New York for this moment folks ;)

There is a simple fact about markets. The people who frequent, like to cook. Whatever our differences we think food will impact our weekend and those we care for.

I made garnishes of Fried Tomato skins and Basil. The first chance to play with its texture and brusied arrogance on my own since a meal deep in Campania. Almost garish, but not without purpose.

Its fruit will be the basis of future dishes.

Following the tomato theme I made a Tomato Sauce. As another Tomato base alternative throughout the week. The farm in Campania tought me how to make it with ease and fast; easier than washing the pot.

Finally, a simple Pasta of Spaghetti with Gamberoni and Pomodorini.

Im off to work. To cook for others and share the love.

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Margaret said...

i went to my local farmers' market this morning also, to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables to inspire my cooking for the next few days. It's nothing compared to the selection you must have, but every bit of freshness helps, and supporting the local farmers is reason enough...

Looks like you've picked up a lot of skills in Campania, now you finally get to use them!

i'll be thinking of you when I get to cooking up my tomatoes later this evening...

missing you -M