Friday, September 7, 2007

Special Mention #1

From now on I will be shouting out folks who deserve “special mention”. When traveling I take solace in minor deeds of hospitality. These are not necessarily otherworldly moments nor do I know everyone I meets back-story (that would take a lot of Italian, no?). Simply everyday people on their grind, who take the time to heighten my overall experience and comfort on this journey.

Meet Franco. He is a baker who works the late shift. For the past 4 nights, midway on a painfully long walk to where I am staying I stop in. He works alone from 12-6A, a typical baker shift churning out Pizza / Focaccia, Pane & Pastry (for Colazione / Breakfast) etc. We talk about the weather, laugh at our miscommunications (there are many), but more broadly we appeal to one another reciprocally. In his eyes I am a young and anxious fashionable foodie traveler (tipsy on whisky) seeking knowledge; to me he is the lifeblood of a city. He is happy to have me; not mad at the company. I move to a new apartment today so last night I paid him a final visit. He wished me well and gave me a loaf. Thanks Franco, I needed that!

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