Friday, September 21, 2007

Meet Maurizio

Everyday I meet a "Maurizio". The unglamorous and more than humble chef (he would likely describe himself as a cook because he does not update or invent dishes). Dude is the only cook in a bustling, cheap no frills Tratorria; lauded in guidebooks and overrun my Business men. There isn’t a meal I have had in Italy where I haven’t invited myself into the Cucina to thank a “Maurizio” for his/her hard work and dedication preserving local traditions. My man offered me a job, they always do (lol). Cooks love to complain!

Below is a typical Roman pasta, pasta alla gricia, of Pecorino and rendered Bacon for €5. Made with love by Maurizio. Pesante e troppo sale, but there isn’t a pasta in Rome that hasn’t made me smile.

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