Saturday, September 22, 2007


A perfect contemplative Saturday in Roma complete with a sunny lunch of treats from the local mercato. An antipasti mista of Mortadella, hand sliced Prosciutto, marinated Artichokes, Pomodorini, a fresh loaf of bread, firm Pecorino cheese, a verbose red wine from Montepulciano &…

Mozzarella di Fiore de latte from Puglia. I have a thing for Cow’s Milk Mozzarella.


Margaret said...

Look at you in your apartment, so content with a beautiful plate of food.. This makes my mouth water.

In a parallel world here in NY, my Saturday spread of food included smoked salmon, whitefish, hardboiled egg, fresh tomato, cuke and red onion from the local market, and bagels. Really just a different twist on a similar kind of meal!

Miss you. -M

diego said...

sabato semplice, yeah right! nice spread and by the looks, cool place... new tunes on their way this weekend... DC