Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It has a name

I live for ingenious culinary moments when my senses are sparked and my mouth is thankful. I was recently given a coffee at work that forced my countenance into noticeable pleasure verging on inappropriate for a professional environment

It was a small drink with three layers. The first, Sugar beaten with a spoonful of Espresso, then the remaining shot of Espresso, then a milky froth. So simple but how these ingredients circulate the palette is the revelation. In one sumptuous sip, the slightly bitter beaten sugar coats your tongue, the espresso then douses itself and helps further dissolve the moment, the froth then goes ahead and garnishes your tongue and is incorporated for an altogether new texture. Its like preparing a dessert in one minute; folding egg whites to form chocolate mousse.

…and it has a name. Please allow me to introduce you to "il gran caffe".

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